Protect your organisation from Coronavirus

Contact tracing software for businesses

Do not let Coronavirus disrupt your business.

Use Epidem technology to trace contacts and quickly identify exposed employees.

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Contact tracing for organisations.

Trace exposed contacts

A system of record for all interactions at the workplace.

Protect your company by proactively recording contacts.
The biggest challenge in tracing contacts when an employee calls in sick: not every meeting is on the calendar (ad-hoc catch-ups, coffee meetings, customer walk-ins, etc).

Epidem is a web-based system that allows to track every interaction in two clicks, even if it's not on the calendar. Record both employee-employee and visitor-employee interactions to instantly trace affected people.
Backtrace through calendar

One-click summary of exposed contacts.

Use calendar data to instantly trace contacts.
When one of your employees calls in sick, you are required to identify everyone in organisation who could be exposed to the virus.

Instead of manually going through the exposed employee's calendar, use Epidem to get the summary of all interactions.
Integrate in a few clicks

Coronavirus is happening now.

Integrate Epidem with your systems in a matter of hours.
We make it easy for businesses to start tracing  contacts through integrations with GSuite and straightforward .CSV employee database import.

Cloud-based contact tracing that stops the virus from spreading.

Check-in system for ad-hoc meetings.
Allow your employees to track every meeting, making tracing easy.
Trace contacts easily through employee calendars.
Identify exposed employees quickly through calendar export.