How Contact Tracing for Business Works

Safe Working Practices for Your Workplace Reopening Made Simple.

Many countries have imposed laws of contact tracing in the workplace and the free NHS software has not convinced everyone in England.  How do you keep your privacy and protect your employees at the same time?  With Epidem easy to use contact tracing software, the data isn't shared as with the free government contact tracing apps, respecting user and company privacy.

  1. Manage employee scheduling.  With an easy tracing calendar, see who has come in contact with whom, on what days, and within what period of time.  Epidem contact tracing software can conveniently help monitor meetings with colleagues and clients with a few clicks of the app.  While tracing every meeting, easily remember and record with whom employees have come in contact.  Manually going through regular calendars could take hours for managers who are required to notify every employee who came in contact with a COVID-19 positive colleague.  Recording every meeting in the app automatically tracks possible exposures without all of the extra time spent.  

The other important factor about scheduling employees during COVID-19 is the ever changing laws.  There are different laws in every city such as one person that closes can't open the business, only the same people can work every other day, doctors working 15 days straight, and 15 days off in some places, it can become difficult and complicated to schedule employees.  With Epidem's scheduling calendar, alleviate the stress of managing who is working with whom and when.

  1. Social distancing safety.  Track who you have come in close contact with and who has violated that unnecessarily.  Receive alerts when someone else who has the app turned on, comes within 6 feet from another colleague.
  1. Daily check-ins to declare if one has tested positive or not and if someone has, alerts the teammates that have come in contact with them within 14 days.
corona tracking app
  1. Keeping records.  The information is stored so if an employee or someone they know outside of work was in contact with someone who has tested positive, the app can alert colleagues who were in contact with them.  Epidem allows organisations to record all interactions at the workplace. All unplanned meetings and office catch ups for coffee will be registered and recognised. Thus, it will help to track all employees and the risk of COVID-19 distribution on every person at the same workplace.  For example, if one of the employees is tested positive the app will provide a list of people with whom the employee has been in contact. That can prevent the office closure and other employees’ interaction with positively-tested colleagues. 

Using an in-company app will not only reduce the number of people using the same app, unlike those free from the government, making data clearer, but will ensure your personal privacy. On September 28, 2020, 12 million people  in England and Wales downloaded the free NHS app, which is voluntary and seemed to be working with many problems.  Besides the privacy concerns, it was stated that the social isolation and where one has been would not be shared with the police.  

  1. Symptom declarations.  If an employee has symptoms, their colleagues can see it and they can avoid coming to the workplace.
  1. Identification: Keeping track of who is sitting where and wearing a mask will help your employees stay as safe as possible in the workplace.  Managers can also control whether every employee wears a mask and keeps to the social distancing measures. It is easier to identify employees who don’t follow the rules and raise the risk for the whole organisation.
  1. Occupancy: enables managers to control the occupancy in the building/room/campus. Likewise, the employees can see how many people are in the area at the moment, which can prevent a social distancing disruption.
  1. Reducing the number of infections at the workplace and in employees' households, bringing employees back to work safely and improving the general and their personal economy.  

The World Health Organization states that if doctors and scientists really had the time and resources to analyze data and treat patients properly, it would take three days of work per COVID-19 patient.  46.4% of the world's population has no internet, but in the places that we can get internet, this technology is making it significantly easier on doctors and scientists to be able to get clearer statistical data about the spread of the disease and keep people safer overall.  It starts with doing what employers can to start in the workplace.

With white-label interface and enterprise integrations, Epidem is designed to support the company in their prevention of the spread within the workplace, in turn making employee lives and homes safer as well.  Improve national, company, and personal economy by taking simple and convenient measures to protect your health while going back to the workplace.

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